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Lehe Brewery (Barleywine) (Barleywine)

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Sweet Barleywine Bourbon BA

Lehe om deres øl:

A dark brown, hazy looking beer with a large and persistent head of foam.

The first aroma - this is where this beer got its name - sweet caramel, just like an honest traditional rooster-shaped caramel candy should be. In the background, you can also feel other sweet smells, vanilla from the bourbon barrel, slightly nutty notes, dried plums, dates.

The first taste is sweet, nutty caramel. Oaky tannic, bourbon warmth in the middle-taste. Aftertaste is long and rich, lots of caramel, raisins, vanilla. is a full-bodied and rich beer that is suitable as a dessert on its own, but it is definitely worth trying with, for example, Creme Brulee.

Recommended serving temperature at 8-10C degrees.

Just facts

ABV: 10% OG: 28p FG: 11p IBU: 80 EBC: 60

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