About us

At Rune is a very special project for me (Rune). It stems, among other things, from an interest in beer and a desire to live out a dream as an entrepreneur.

In addition, it is undoubtedly also a self-realization project for me personally. The fact is that after many years of education I had a very difficult encounter with working life afterwards. In fact, so hard that it seemed impossible for me to establish myself in the labor market and thus create the career that would otherwise be the goal of all the years at school.

After a few years of unemployment, I found out that there was a pretty good reason why I was having a hard time entering the job market. Initially I was diagnosed with social anxiety, and later I was also diagnosed with anxious and evasive personality structure.

These are two mental disorders that go very well together. This is really a classic combination within psychiatry. A bit like a banana cake is not the same without a chocolate coating... I try to see the fun in that ;)

The result of the two disorders in particular has been that I have found it very difficult to look for a job and thus also to find employment.

The consequence has been that I have never felt that I have found my place in society and that I am unable to realize my dreams.

Therefore, at the beginning of 2022, I chose to take the leap as an entrepreneur, and thus create my own work. Fortunately, I have found three other cheering optimists who believed it could be done, despite the obvious challenges I have. Fortunately, they have believed that I would be able to be the primary force in the venture, even though it may seem like a big risk to take. I'm the one putting a name to it all, but I sure couldn't have done it without the help I've gotten!!

I hope the project succeeds, because I really appreciate all the people I have met so far.

Thank you for wanting to read these words - I hope to see you in the store one day!!