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Revelations (Gose)

Revelations (Gose)

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4.3% ABV, Revelations is a fruited gose with Yuzu, Lemon, Ginger, Sansho Peppercorn and Sea Salt. 

This gose is true to its ingredients giving of notes of ginger, sansho pepper and lemon on the nose. The adjuncts, salinity and acidity come together to form a cohesive flavor profile, with depth and complexity emerging as you work your way through the glass. Yuzu and lemon citrus up front, with the ginger and peppercorn following. Gentle salinity on the finish along with the lively carb makes it highly drinkable, one sip is simply not enough.

Contains malts (barley, oat, wheat), yuzu (1.5%), lemon (1%), ginger (0.5%), sansho peppercorn, sea salt, yeast and water.

440 ml can.

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